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There are many outstanding school nurses, school nurse/health services administrators and school/community partners that support school nursing. The Excellence in School Nursing, School Nurse/Health Services Administrator, and Partners in Education awards recognize these individuals who are making a difference in the lives and children to optimize student health and enhance learning. Please visit the links below for the applications. Successful Section candidates will advanced to be recognized at the CSNO State level. State level awardees may be considered to represent CSNO at NASN, but must be an NASN member for consideration. Nominations for CSNO Northern Section Excellence in School Nurse are due November 30

Excellence in School Nursing Award-Due November 30.
*Formerly School Nurse of the Year. One school nurse from the candidates will be selected by the CSNO State Board to represent CSNO at the NASN Conference as the State Affiliate (must be an NASN member for the past two years with no lapse in membership).
Eligibility: Nominee must be
  1. A credentialed school nurse.
  2. A member in good standing of CSNO for the preceding two years (to advance as a NASN Candidate, you must be a NASN Member in Good Standing for the past two years with no lapse in membership.)
  3. A school nurse that has practiced at least five years within school nursing.
  4. A currently practicing school nurse of at least 50%.*If the only school nurse position in a community involves fewer hours than usual, it will be considered for the purpose of this eligibility criteria.
  5. Evidence of excellence in school nursing practice should be based onSchool Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice, 3rd Edition, 2015.
Procedure for Submission of Application*
1. Provide a 1-2 paragraph bio, which will be used in the CSNO State Bulletin.
2. Provide a high resolution digital photo, which will be used in the CSNO State Bulletin.
3. Provide a 300 word summary of accomplishments as a school nurse that address one or all
of the Scope and Standards of Professional School Nursing Practice. The Standards include:
  • identifies and implements evidence-based practice and research;
  • fosters student, staff or school community education;
  • provides quality in your practice;
  • conducts professional practice evaluation;
  • encourages communication;
  • champions collaboration;
  • maximizes resource utilization;
  • models leadership;
  • provides oversight for program management;
  • ensures ethical standards and practice; and/or
  • promotes public/environmental health.
School Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice 3rd Edition, 2015. (NASN and American Nurses Association). as a reference. Please describe how you have contributed to the practice of school nursing in each of the following criteria. 
All submissions for State Excellence in School Nursing must be submitted electronically via the application below. For a copy of the paper application of the Excellence in School Nursing please click on the button below. Please submit your nomination below

All submissions for State Excellence in School Nursing must be submitted electronically on the CSNO Website. Upon submission of all applications and depending on the quality of applications, the CSNO State Board reserves the right to select one section nominee to represent California in the NASN State Affiliate Award. It is recommended that all candidates develop a portfolio of the above contents to be submitted to NASN. California representative from CSNO to advance to NASN, must be an NASN member in good standing for the past two prior years, with no lapse in membership.

The California Representative Committee shall be chaired by the State PR chair, the NASN director, and CSNO President-Elect. The committee will oversee the process of selecting a State an awardee to NASN.